Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Motion Graphics

These screenshots show how I put the audio together in logic

Here I am opening the video file within logic

Here I am adding the music to the project

Here playing with levels and setting up separate channels for music and effects

 With the channels set up I started to add the sound effects, here I am adding the typewriter sound to the initial shot. 

These shots are similar except I am adding the "scribble" sound effect to give the noise of a pencil. Note the levels had to be played with to give a reasonable mix of sound 

These shots show the sound with everything added apart from the voice. Notice the ambient battle sounds and truck sound effects, as well as explosions

This shot shows the track in its final state, with the voiceover and all effects added, the only thing to be done now is use a radio preset and modulator to affect the voice.

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