Saturday, 8 January 2011

Animation Practice

Here is my final edit of all the animations and shots

Im happy with this overall but there are several things I would change were I to do it again. The landing in the bomb scene could do with tweaking as the upper body seems to fold in on itself when it lands at the end of the scene. I would have liked to add more scene elements such as a sightly more realistic bomb or textured walls. overall I think the camera angles are good although I would like to have done something slightly different with the slo-mo shot if I had time by adding a second camera.

Were I to change the stairs animation the first thing to change again would be the landing. Although I have managed to get the somersault into the fall and body does bounce slightly as it hits its final resting position, however the legs are not perfect as they come to their resting position before hitting the ground, again i would have liked to add more scene elements, aside from this I think the animation is solid, although the slo-mo shot could perhaps have been more elaborate.

I am fairly happy with the final scene, however i did have trouble getting the lighing in the scene right, as it was the biggest scene and needed mental ray lighting in order to show shimmer on the water, the light had to be reasonably close to water whilst aso lighting the character. The final effect is not terrible, however had I had more time I would have made the lighting better. Movement wise I am still not entirely happy with the run up, as the knees are still slightly too bent, the jump is good as is the initial fall but the body could perhaps be doing more as it enters the water.

I rendered all shots out from Max in .tif sequences and then imported these to After Effects, I could then edit the shots as I wanted them and add transitions such as fades. I also added mental ray lighting to the scenes to produce shadows and better light the scene.

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