Thursday, 13 January 2011

Animation Practice

Industry and jobs

Although this type of animation could be and is used in films, my primary industry for this piece focused on games, so I have been looking on the website There are many animators jobs on the site and it seems to be one of the most sought after professions, this example at Rockstar North particularly caught my eye

Whilst animations for things like explosions and falls down the stairs are often handled procedurally, there are certain situations within a game that require a keyframed animation, such as a cutscene or scripted event within a level.

Animators often also use blended animations or inverse kinematic methods, which still require animation to be present, they will then use the physics simulator to make sure the model isn't clipping with the enviroment. Therefore skills such as key frame animation are still used within the industry.

Some of the experiments I have done such as different walk cycles could be useful as an in game animation for a controlled character, as would the run cycles.

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