Monday, 29 November 2010

Animation Practice

This shows the animation at quite an advanced stage, however I have not tackled the body hitting the wall yet.

Here I put the walk cycle into the scene, however you can see I'm having trouble getting the character to move across the floor realistically, this is something which takes a lot of tweaking to get right.

At this point I was going to have the character kneel down and touch the bomb before the explosion, this is an idea that I later scrapped and had the model bend at the waist. This is to save seconds for the walk cycle at the beginning of the scene as well as create more natural looking movement.

I have managed to get the walk cycle looking better here, the bend at the waist has also come into the scene, the bomb looks fine and the blast radius is where I want it. Now to finish the movement!

I started by working on a couple of walk cycles, these were created using the copy and paste features n 3DS Max.

The cycle on the left is perhaps more feminine, in the end I used a mixture of the two for my bomb animation which creates a nice balanced effect.  

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